Friday, July 4, 2014

Studio Coordinator - Related Experience


'Miss Kitty and Sam', a cabaret workshop in progress with Frank Miller, (consulting director). 

Assistant Producer, Coco Paco, Nashville, TN, Assisted with all aspects of music and fashion event production for this company founded and run by the family that started the Grand Old Opry.

'The Mojo Sideshow', I conceived, oversaw and directed this grand multi-media spectacle as part of Gallery 5's 'Carnival of 5 Fires', the cities' largest annual event, (Richmond, Va). It featured theater, music and fine art as well as magicians, dancers and other performers. Participating artists from around the world included myself, Molly Crabapple, ( Wes Freed, ( and others from Germany, London and elsewhere around the globe.  (
'Art Defining Music', Estel Gallery, Nashville, TN I acted as an artist liaeson for Bob Masse, ( in this exhibit which included other album and poster art icons like John Langford and Wes Freed.

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Multi-Media launch, Richmond, Va I curated an exhibit including work by myself, Wes Freed, Dr. Sketchy's founder Molly Crabapple, Katelan Foisy and others that had an accompanying multi-media performance. 

Ingen Gallery, Bowling Green, Ky I acted as an artist liaison for Cameron Bentley, a member of the multi-talented Mellencamp family.


Rocket Tone Records, Nashville, TN, Web content writer, social media, logo design. I assisted with the preceding at this new Rock/Country label founded by Eric Mellencamp, (Curb Records director of promotions for over a decade).
Bowling Green Fire Dept., Bowling Green, Ky Designed website and generated all content, edited training manuals, speech writing.

Tea Squares, Bowling Green, Ky Created and maintained Twitter page and generated fast and lasting sales results, designed signs and other promotional materials, branding.

Labold and Sons, Bowling Green, Ky Created and maintained Twitter page for this vintage gallery and boutique., contributing writer and blog host. The blog maintained extremely high traffic and many of my features on GratefulWeb were the most high-traffic articles on the site. This was due, in part, to my ability to optimize social media results and cross-promote between various publications I wrote for. I also created and maintained the site's social media pages for some time.
'Outlaw Magazine', contributing writer, photographer and blog/video blog host, Social Media. I also often illustrate my features here.


Butler Snow, Nashville, TN 
Rawls & McNellis, Richmond, Va
Law Offices of Rod Sager, Richmond, Va
Law Offices of Daniel Rosenthal, Richmond, Va

Responsibilities included: scheduling and coordinating meetings and conferences, invoicing, billing and accounting, some HR including payroll, drafting and editing emails, data entry and others relevant to the Studio Coordinator position.